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A few of my good friends – Feliza Casano, Emi London, Monica Lopez, and Sally Beeson – have started their own publishing company, Octopus Ink! Please submit & support! 🙂

Feliza Casano

Oktopus Ink logo created by Cristina Lopez

There are a lot of exciting things going on at the start of a new year, but for me, this year’s exciting thing is a little different from usual: I can finally talk about the new project I’ve been invited to work on, a publishing company called Oktopus Ink.

Oktopus Ink will publish young adult and new adult science fiction and fantasy featuring diverse characters, especially diverse protagonists.  The editors are especially looking for LGBT+ characters, characters of color, and characters who represent diversity of ability, though OI will also be interested in books with non-Western settings and representing diverse religious beliefs as well.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll probably know that diversity in entertainment is something I’m incredibly passionate about.  I’m incredibly excited to be on the OI team, and I’m looking forward to the work we’ll publish.

(Find out more about Oktopus Ink after the…

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Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome! 🙂 I’d always danced around the idea of creating a blog until my mother noted all of my sassy Facebook statuses. She asked, “why don’t you start a blog, so that people have somewhere to go to read your stuff?” (Still figuring out if that was meant as assurance that people would want to read my stuff OR a gentle suggestion to stop ranting on Facebook…)

In any case, here I am. I will be using the blog to share different tidbits of my writing life: poetry, fiction, craft essays, thoughts on being an editor, books that I’ve read and loved, reviews, and more. Enjoy!

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My Big, Fat, Scary, Impossible Purpose

Please read this incredible article by my dear friend, Rae Pagliarulo!  My Big, Fat, Scary, Impossible Purpose.

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